Drag Racing APK

Drag RacingA brand new version of Drag Racing for Android is now obtainable for download for all Android-based devices; the new model is known as Drag Racing 1.6.9.

Drag Racing is a simple and addictive driving recreation for Android platform. During the recreation,  you’ve a beat a single enemy over a short strip of track.

The game comes with a wide range of actual-life automobiles models accessible to pick from in Drag Racing race, and the target of the player is to win as many races with a rating as high.  Furthermore, by successful quite a few races you gain money and factors, which can be utilized to improve your chosen car or to buy one other new one.

The brand new iteration comes with some bugs fixes, an optimized APK size and a new car and a new problem; there now you may race towards the police and win  one -off Jaguar XKR-S.

The sport also has previously fixed the bug inflicting winter challenge timer to show incorrect values, comes additionally with a set textual content measurement and position on screenshots, and the CCX is displayed in WR list.

The Drag Racing is likely one of the most performed Android racing recreation and is right for adrenaline addicts.


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