Pou 1.3.21 for Android

Pou 1 Screenshot 2For those out of the loop, we should always be aware that the Pou app is a virtual pet sport for Android during which you are charged with different tasks of wanting an alien bob character.

The main idea of Pou is easy it’s best to take care of the little critter, feeding and playing with him and likewise you must be sure he is clean.

In reality,  there is a extra complex model of the famous Tamagotchi virtual pet toy, so widespread in the 90s.

After you arrange your Pou character, it has four essential wants: Meals, Well being, Enjoyable and Energy. All these four essential needs are motorized individually by an indicator at the high of your Android gadget’s screen.

Your actions to do completely different tasks usually are not so difficult, you need to drag and drop meals into the Pou mouth, clean it by rubbing digital cleaning soap on it, and when it get tired you could put it to sleep by turning off the light.

Probably the most participating and enjoyable a part of the Pou is the Recreation part, there you need to enjoying different video games to obtain more enjoyable on your Pou. There are also different mini video games reminiscent of match-three, dropping meals and free fall and a musical Simon remake.

The new software release comes with new options as Neckwear: Perls, Game:Hop, Outfit: Swim Shorts, Greens! Yum, Eyeshadow, Sport: Cliff Leap, Cloud Colours, Outdoors Scenes, Objective Colours, Hat: Beret, Outfit: Military, Seashore Balls and more.

The Pou for Android is offered in different languages as English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Chinese and Arabic


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