GO Locker APK

GO Locker APK
GO Launcher for android jumps to version 3.07 with fixing the freezing issue, improve performance and stability update. Published by Go Team, GO Launcher is excellent lock with many different backgrounds to choose from. If you are looking for cool wallpapers and locks for your phones, this app is for you.
Features with  a vast number of themes with plenty of unlocking styles, iPhone style, android style and other styles beyond your imagination, this app by far has been a great theme for your android phone or tablet. It’s cool having all the options Go team threw with the app. When you want to switch your style not having to download a bunch of other lockers anymore.
GO Launcher is so much better than the regular lock screens for cellphones, it has a clean UI and it is very easy to use with quick access to frequently used apps at right time. It has a great selection of functional lock screens that look really cool. It even allows you to double lock your phone, because of your original home settings you can still work with. Just amazing, once you download it and your world of mobile will be difrent standard. Just you will fall in love with.

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