SoulCraft 2 APK

SoulCraft 2
Big improvement from original soulcraft, SoulCraft 2 comes to android with new Multiplayer League. Now you can challenge other players in asynchronous multiplayer matches and customize your defenses. Win your daily leagues to become the best SoulCraft Player in the world. The game features with 7 different heroes, you can choose your play style from melee warriors to range mages. SoulCraft 2 also features with epic singleplayer campaign that makes you can continue your quest to save the world from the demons of the apocalypse.
SoulCraft 2 is a great game! It has a Diablo-esque feel with masterfully balanced difficulty. The variety in skills, levels, and game types, as well as the revolutionary loot system increases the replay value significantly as well as makes for a fun, original journey. Also, importantly, it is completely possible to fully complete the game and obtain/ upgrade all equipment without spending a single dollar; however, there is the option to enhance your character further with real money should you so choose.
SoulCraft 2 is super amazing it has excellent gameplay with no lags whatsoever beautiful graphics and a cool story. This blows out every action rpg out of the water the graphics are phenomenal and console quality the delta engine. Nice graphics, fun, solid mechanics, great variation in abilities for choice of play style. Its great game to keep you entertained for long periods of time. You have to choose one of seven Angels and defend the earth from the legions of hell! Compete multiplayer against other players in the social league and become the best SoulCraft player in the world. So just download and play it!

Clash of Clans APK

The new iteration, namely 5.64 comes with new content, features and bug fixes.Clash of Clans

Furthermore, the new version of Clash of Clans game comes with reworked traps and new upgrade for all of your explosive traps in order to blow up your foes big time.

According to the new version changelog, there the traps now stay put after use and in additional the traps can be re-armed using one single button.

Moreover, the changes have been included tier 1 terror in Town Hall 10 where for the level 12 Archer Towers you’ll find stylish, deadly and oh so sharp. Moreover playing the level 6 Goblins the game never forget your wallet again, nor anyone else’s.

The new version of Clash of Clans for Android named 5.64 can be downloaded totally free via Google Play Store using this link.

Note: The Clash of Clans 5.64 version is fully compatible with all devices which are running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Angry Birds APK

Angry Birds 2 Screenshot1Many Offended Birds maniacs’ avid gamers have been asking Rovio Mobile Ltd recreation maker when a new Angry Birds model will likely be available. So, early this week a new model for Android is now accessible for obtain via Google Play Store.

The brand new iteration brings new levels, features and a brand new language support. So, the new Offended Birds 3.3.5 model for android primarily based units comes with an extra 15 basic levels.

Moreover, the new model of the game provides new and improved powers together with these 15 new levels. In further, you may fling Red with more accuracy than ever using all new manual focusing on features.

Furthermore, the model 3.5.5 of Offended Birds integrated Japanese language support.

Pou 1.3.21 for Android

Pou 1 Screenshot 2For those out of the loop, we should always be aware that the Pou app is a virtual pet sport for Android during which you are charged with different tasks of wanting an alien bob character.

The main idea of Pou is easy it’s best to take care of the little critter, feeding and playing with him and likewise you must be sure he is clean.

In reality,  there is a extra complex model of the famous Tamagotchi virtual pet toy, so widespread in the 90s.

After you arrange your Pou character, it has four essential wants: Meals, Well being, Enjoyable and Energy. All these four essential needs are motorized individually by an indicator at the high of your Android gadget’s screen.

Your actions to do completely different tasks usually are not so difficult, you need to drag and drop meals into the Pou mouth, clean it by rubbing digital cleaning soap on it, and when it get tired you could put it to sleep by turning off the light.

Probably the most participating and enjoyable a part of the Pou is the Recreation part, there you need to enjoying different video games to obtain more enjoyable on your Pou. There are also different mini video games reminiscent of match-three, dropping meals and free fall and a musical Simon remake.

The new software release comes with new options as Neckwear: Perls, Game:Hop, Outfit: Swim Shorts, Greens! Yum, Eyeshadow, Sport: Cliff Leap, Cloud Colours, Outdoors Scenes, Objective Colours, Hat: Beret, Outfit: Military, Seashore Balls and more.

The Pou for Android is offered in different languages as English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Chinese and Arabic

Drag Racing APK

Drag RacingA brand new version of Drag Racing for Android is now obtainable for download for all Android-based devices; the new model is known as Drag Racing 1.6.9.

Drag Racing is a simple and addictive driving recreation for Android platform. During the recreation,  you’ve a beat a single enemy over a short strip of track.

The game comes with a wide range of actual-life automobiles models accessible to pick from in Drag Racing race, and the target of the player is to win as many races with a rating as high.  Furthermore, by successful quite a few races you gain money and factors, which can be utilized to improve your chosen car or to buy one other new one.

The brand new iteration comes with some bugs fixes, an optimized APK size and a new car and a new problem; there now you may race towards the police and win  one -off Jaguar XKR-S.

The sport also has previously fixed the bug inflicting winter challenge timer to show incorrect values, comes additionally with a set textual content measurement and position on screenshots, and the CCX is displayed in WR list.

The Drag Racing is likely one of the most performed Android racing recreation and is right for adrenaline addicts.